The Gift of Listening

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My Thought

Almost from birth I was taught to speak. Speaking was encouraged, praised and even graded as I got older. Something I wasn’t taught was how to listen. I have never had a lesson of any kind on listening. And it’s a terrible shame. I was taught to be silent, but silence isn’t listening. I can be silent and be anywhere but present or engaged with what’s being said. Silence is not listening. Listening requires that I not only hear the words being spoken, but that I seek to understand and empathize. That’s why I have come to believe that listening is a gift we can and should more frequently give to others. People want and need to feel heard and understood, it’s healing, helpful and validating. Just the other night, this occurred for me as Cassandra sat with me at the kitchen table and listened. I wonder how much personal pain and suffering could be alleviated and conflict avoided if we more frequently gave the gift of listening to others.

Another’s Thought

Moving forward I plan to share the thoughts or ideas I’ve read or heard from others that have resonated with me. I hope they do the same for you.

Walking different paths doesn’t mean that we need to exclude each other from our lives. - Ben Schilaty

Your Thought

I’m always interested in hearing the insights, perspectives and thoughts of others. Please leave yours in the comments.

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What I’m reading

Last night, I finished reading A Walk In My Shoes by Ben Schilaty.

It’s one of those books that will remain on my shelf for future reference of the multiple highlighted sections. I would definitely recommend this book.

What I’m doing

Each time, I thought I could share something I’m doing or working on in my life. I’d love to hear what you’re working on too.

So… I have allowed myself to get very out of shape, probably the worst in 8-years. So I’ve set some simple goals to help me get back on track over the next 100 days. Today I struggled, but managed to run one, very slow, mile. A small victory, but any victory feels amazing.

Thank you for supporting me.

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