May 24 • 5M

One Size Does Not Fit All.

May 24, 2022

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Honest, candid and straightforward ideas for living a fulfilling life and reaching our potential. Hiya. I'm Matthew Royston, the husband of one, father of four, and The Bold Brit [honest, candid, Inspiring]. I grew up in Bristol, England but currently enjoy living in Utah, United States. I want to live a fulfilling life, reach my potential, and help others do the same. I have concluded that progress in our personal development, robust personal relationships, deep and abiding faith in Jesus Christ, and having a healthy body and mind are the core components of a fulfilling life. The rest of life is often insignificant, or unimportant.
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person in white and black knit gloves
Photo by Tamara Gak on Unsplash

Have you ever seen the cheap cotton gloves you can buy every winter that say ‘one size fits all’? I’m sure someone could sue them if they really wanted to, because I have definitely seen hands that such gloves would absolutely not fit. I think they should say, ‘fits most hand sizes’.

Perhaps I am just being daft. It’s probably true that the vast majority of us have hands that the gloves will fit. But at the tip of each of our fingers is a print that is unique to us. There is a 1 in 64 billion chance we could share the same prints with someone else 1 , which essentially means that literally no one has ever had the same finger prints as you or me.

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