Obscurity is my hurdle


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to those of you who have already subscribed and continue to read my content.

It genuinely means a lot to me.

I’ve enjoyed writing and speaking for many years now, and I’ve tinkered in the arena a little but truthfully I’d love to make writing and speaking what I do for a living. Not just for some corporation but for myself as The Bold Brit.

But getting going is hard. The biggest obstacle in my way is obscurity. People don’t know who I am. People can’t enjoy my content or subscribe if they’ve never heard of me.

But you know me! And I trust that you have enjoyed some of my content. I also know that you know people who would enjoy The Bold Brit, but without you introducing me, I might never have the opportunity to meet them. :(

So in these very early stages of getting this off the ground, I’m asking if you would be willing and generous in frequently sharing The Bold Brit with your friends, family and other people you know, also to invite them to subscribe!

You’d be helping me so much, especially now that I’ve made the decision to depart ways from social media. I won’t explain all the reasons, at least not here.

Thank you for helping me realize a dream, and making The Bold Brit a reality for me.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for believing in me and what I think, write and say.

I am just One Bold Brit sharing his thoughts, ideas, experience, advice and knowledge. I hope I can spark thought, foster discussion, and inspire, encourage and help others.

Thanks again for subscribing. I’ll have more content coming soon.

Matthew Royston. :)

P.s. I love responding to peoples questions in my writing, so feel free to reach out and ask me anything. I am happy to share my thoughts, opinions, ideas on any topic, subject or question. You can comment on any post or email me hello@matthewroyston.com