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I’m not fat shaming myself.

April 28, 2022

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Honest, candid and straightforward ideas for living a fulfilling life and reaching our potential. Hiya. I'm Matthew Royston, the husband of one, father of four, and The Bold Brit [honest, candid, Inspiring]. I grew up in Bristol, England but currently enjoy living in Utah, United States. I want to live a fulfilling life, reach my potential, and help others do the same. I have concluded that progress in our personal development, robust personal relationships, deep and abiding faith in Jesus Christ, and having a healthy body and mind are the core components of a fulfilling life. The rest of life is often insignificant, or unimportant.
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What I’m Thinking

I’m fat. That’s not saying anything about how I feel about myself as a person, I’m just stating a fact.

Why is this this on my mind? Well, because fatness and a lack of fitness are twins in my world, which meant the one-mile run I did on Friday afternoon left my heart feeling like it wanted to come out of my chest.

This really is a shame, because not so long ago I was a comfortable and fairly competent runner.

But I stopped.

And when I stopped, I lost momentum, and rapidly began descending back to a former life of obesity and poor physical fitness.

And that’s where I found myself Friday. Having gone full circle and feeling like it was my very first run all over again.

I’m trying to change this of course. I also went for a run on Saturday and Monday. My hope is to get some momentum going and regain the ground I’ve lost over the past 2-years.

Although it’s always a good time to course correct, it would have been much better and easier to have regained momentum in the early stages.

So I have a question, in what areas of your life do you see yourself losing momentum? And what’s your plan to course correct?

Perhaps it’s your health like me, or maybe it’s a relationship, your finances, or belief in God. Whatever it is, start small and regain the momentum you need to grow and excel.

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What I’m Reading

Those of you who will continue to read my newsletter often will discover that I am not the fastest reader. At least not yet. Although speed is not my current strength, comprehension and memory are. I’m still reading The Doors of Faith by Terryl Givens. Here are some more quotes I’ve enjoyed from the book.

of all errors, none are so fundamental and so wide-reaching in their evil tendencies and results as errors with respect to the character of God.

anything that turns us into an “it,” an object, a means or instrument or vehicle of another person’s interests or intentions, would be evil. Virtually all human evils can be interpreted in the light of this basic premise. Human trafficking, pornography, theft, fraud, rape - or more subtle evils, such as flattery, high-pressure sales, emotional manipulation - these and a thousand other varieties of wrongdoing objectify and instrumentalize other human beings.

P.S. I’ve purchased 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson to be the next book I read.

What I’m Doing

Here’s the data from my Friday afternoon run… even a novice can see that the only redeeming aspect is that I actually got out and started moving. Perhaps several months from now, I’ll be able to share an update on the running progress.

Thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting. Until next week,